July 31, 2012

Family Day Sundays: Ginataan and Choco Pancake

July 22, 2012

After our routine mass schedule every Sunday, we went back home and spend the rest of the day staying at home. Mommy requested me to have her hair cellophane before we took our lunch. After the treatment, we took our lunch with ginataang sitaw at kalabasa. Mommy and Matt took their nap afterwards, while I managed to watch two episodes of Glee Season 3, which I downloaded before.
Ginataang Kalabasa at sitaw

When the two woke up, they requested me to get snack in our bedroom and have it there. I searched the kitchen and end up making Choco Pancakes (See it HERE) paired with hot chocolate.

Snack Time!
We are supposed to spend the rest of the afternoon outside but it was raining so we just played inside the house and watch TV.

Sundays are really short but we make it sure to spend it quality-wise!

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