July 5, 2012

Kitchen Adventures: Tuna-Oatmeal Balls

Tuna-Oatmeal Balls
One time, I am going to cook Sweet and Sour Tuna Balls. On my preparation, I was surprised that I was run-out of flour. I immediately look for possible alternative and I resulted to oatmeal. This will be another kitchen adventure since this is the first time I will use oatmeal in making balls. Furthermore, this makes the meal healthier oatmeal is rich in fiber.

½ cup Oatmeal
1 can Tuna (Flakes in Oil), drained and mashed
¼ cup spring onions
1 piece medium egg
Salt, pepper and seasoning for taste
Oil for frying

Mix all ingredients well except for oil. Get about tablespoon of the mixture and form them into balls. Depp-fry in hot cooking oil until golden brown (use low heat only). Place in paper towel to drain excess oil. Serve with sweet-chili sauce or make sweet and sour dish.

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