July 18, 2012

Diaper Analysis

Just by looking on the poop of your babies or toddlers, you can already predict their health conditions. This might make your stomach turn but I know for parents, this will be very helpful.

RED: Loose with mucus might indicate and infection, allergy or other health problems. Furthermore, oral rehydration solution or fruit juices can also a reason for having red poo.

TAN: As long as the poop is soft, there is nothing to worry about. Having this color of poop means a healthy, formula-fed baby.

MUSTARD-COLORED/YELLOW: This means that a breast-fed baby is healthy and nothing to worry about.

BLUE/PURPLE: Food colorings might be the cause of this type of poop.

GREEN: This is common for new-born babies. Also, green poop can be coming from the bile produced by the liver.

BLACK: This can be a sign of gastrointestinal problems. However, you must also consider baby’s diet before going to their pedia. Black berries, dark chocolates and iron supplements can also contribute in blackening of their poop.

WHITE: If pale white stools were observed, you must immediately bring your kids to pedia. This might be a cause of abnormality in the liver wherein the flow of bile to the inestines might be blocked.

Source: MH DAD

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