July 18, 2012

How to be a Better Boss

I am doing an outline for our upcoming Basic Supervisory Training presentation. 

Being a supervisor or boss in our company is good achievement that we can have in our working career. However, referring as good boss is much better, whether you are man or woman.

Communication is vital
You must be a good speaker but equally a good listener too. You should also speak to them your expectations, their duties and responsibilities. Employees will not succeed if they don’t know what to do. You must be completely aware of what you communicate with them either in written or verbal form. However, non-verbal language must be considered too. They can sense things from your body language. Furthermore, you must be also attentive on what your employees saying and not saying.

Motivate and Encourage
One way to create a good working environment is thru motivation and encouragement of employees. Try to look for their strengths and weaknesses. Highlight and utilize their strength while identify their weaknesses and correct them thru proper training. Show them that you believe in their skills and talents. Give them space to prove that they are worth it for your company.

Don't be a bully
Work well done does not equate with their fear on you but from their willingness to do well. Importantly, it does not mean that they respect you at all. Being intimidated reduces productivity and moral of your employees.

Be friendly and approachable
Regard them as your partners rather than subordinates but still, consider the thin line between you and your employees knowing that you are still their boss. Try to collaborate with them. Engaging into a small talk is a good practice. Good discussion can view you as believable, likable and trustworthy. Be open with everyone. Let them know that you can be approached anytime whenever problem arises.

Be unbiased
Don’t let them see that you are favouring someone. Favouritism makes the most damage to an organization. Be fair. Treat all your subordinates equally.

Practise what you preach
Do whatever you want your employee do. If you want them on time, be on time too. If you want them to be excited and exert efforts on their work, do the same.

Keep it fun
Let your people feel a fun at their work. You should have some recreational activities to lighten up the workloads. Organizing a party, team-building activities and sports fest can be a good example. 

Be kind and helpful
Show to your subordinates that you really care for them. Show them that you are always there when they need you. Whatever problems you are facing, always approach it with kindness. Sincere interest on your employee will give them impression that you respect them both on and off the job.

Being a better boss or supervisor is as easy as 1-2-3. It does not require too much training but a lot of sensitivity. Just keep on thinking that once in your life, you work as subordinates too.

Remember, being a good boss serves as an inspiration and provides guidance for hardworking employees rather than just telling them how to work.

Source: Yahoo

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