July 4, 2012

Count Your Blessings

Here is my entry for this week's Meme but I want to congratulate Daddy Yoshiro for the winning topic. Again, for those who wants to join the Meme and Blog Hop, you can join the the BC Blogger HERE.

The five blessings I received for the past week are:
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I was really feel blessed each morning. 
This gives me chances to unfinished task and unresolved problems to fix them.

Safe Driving
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Everytime I hold onto the steering wheel, there are already unfortunate risk behind. 
Last Saturday, we are about to hit a cow that suddenly runs and crossed our way. 
Good to have my reflexes reacts quickly by stepping the brakes. 
Mommy got really nervous that time.

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I am very thankful that we did not get sick for the past week or weeks.
Just like what they said, "Health is Wealth".

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Yes, last friday is our payday! 
This is a great blessings to be considered in the list.

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I already got my new company phone in replace to the old one.
After 5 years, my phone  was already replaced. 
Although it is not a high-end one (Nokia C2-00), I am happy to have it.

I think giving five in the list is not enough since there are also other blessings I received in the past week. Having my family with me is a great blessing above all.

Care to share yours too?
Good day!

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