July 26, 2012

Choose the Best Formula Milk

We know that nothing compares to the nutrient content of breast milk. However, there are still mothers not capable of breast feeding. Being a father does not mean that you don’t have the opinion in selecting best milk for your babies. In choosing formula milk, you may consider the following:

Opt for cow’s milk-base formula
This is more recommended compared to soy-based formula which lacks lactose. Lactose is an important constituent or breastmilk that helps calcium absorption. Furthermore, soy-based formulas impair poor bone density conditions especially in premature babies.
This minerals is really important in babies particularly in their brain and body development. This helps increase the haemoglobin, which carries the oxygen to different parts of the body. Cow’s milk formula are considered to have enough iron.

Docosahexanoic acid and Arachidonic acid, known as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, respectively are found in breast milk. This helps brain and eye development. Researchers recommends that babies should have at least 0.3% DHA and same or greater amount of ARA.

This nutrients helps in boosting cells and stimulating central nervous system. This is needed much in babies for their brain development. If you see an amount of 81mg per liter in formula milk, this is already enough. However, premature babies needs more choline.

Furthermore, there are specialty formula milk for babies.

Extensively Hydrolysed means that the protein in milk has been broken down making it easier for babies to digest preventing allergies. Milk of these type are recommended for infants having allergies to both cow- and soy- proteins.

Low Birth Weight Formula contains higher amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. This is especially made for underweight and premature babies to continuously sustain their rapid growth.

Reflux Formula are made for babies having gastroesophageal reflux diseas (GERD), a condition with chronic spitting with back arching or unstoppable crying. Rice has been added to this formula which helps thicken once it reaches stomach, thus preventing from reflux.

Again, this guide does not mean that you can already opt for formula milk. This guide maybe used only if mothers are not capable or have difficulty in breast feeding.

As always noted in the commercial of formula milk: “BREAST MILK IS STILL BEST FOR BABIES UP TO TWO YEARS OLD.”

Source: MH Dad