July 2, 2012

Family Day Sundays: Banana con Yelo

July 01, 2012

After the mass in a nearby village, we went to the market last sunday to buy some fruits for Matt. I was able to buy half a kilo of banana and 4 pieces of dalandan instead of ponkan because price per piece of ponkan s really high as of today (15 pesos per piece).

Because of the hot temperature, I decided to pass 7-11 for some refreshment, of course, Slurpee.
Matt with his Slurpee

We returned home since we are waiting for our internet conenction to be activated at home. While waiting, I fixed the wirings and our router. It was activated for a while and again gone since our account is in the process of migration from canopy antenna to outdoor Wimax. I hope it will be fine today.

At merienda time, we have some saba at kitchen originally for turon but since I cannot find lumpia wrapper in the market, I make it banana con yelo.

Banana con Yelo

Me and mommy tooked some pictures of us since we haven't done this for a long time. We took the opportunity since matt is busy with his toy (see it here).
Picture! Picture!

Mommy cooked spaghetti for our dinner. I wasn't able to capture a photo of it.

That's how we spend our Family Day Sunday! Staying at home during weekends is much better.

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