July 14, 2012

Family Day Sundays: Fishballs and Avocado Shake

July 08, 2012

Mommy had a customer for meet up at SM Marilao at around 9:30am so we decided to attend the mass at the mall. This is our first time to attend mass conducted at the said mall.
Just checking Mom's wallet before we go

The mass

After the mass we took a stroll around the department store before heading to the hypermarket for grocery.
Matt: Daddy tubig.

Before the lunch strikes, we already finished doing the grocery and returned back home. We decided to take our lunch at home. I already instructed Tita Sally to cook for the fish balls I made (previous post) and decided to cook for the sauce when we got back.
Sweet and Sour fishballs
After taking our lunch, Matt and mommy decided to take a nap while I keep on surfing the net. When they woke-up, they asked me to prepare snacks so I decided to make avocado shake and ChizWiz sandwich.

Avocado Shake

We took our dinner earlier than usual with Stir-Fry Pork and Broccoli in Oyster Sauce (Check my recipe HERE).

This is the second time we spend most of our Family Day Sunday time at home and it is really fun to have Family Days on Sundays.

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