July 23, 2012

It Will Be “GRATE”...

Are you still familiar this “kitchen tool”?. How many of us still know how to use this?

Two weeks ago, we went home to Nueva Ecija for two reasons. First, is to pick-up cloth diapers needed for Mommy’s Online Store. Second, to have a surprise visit at home, since the location for pick-up is just an hour travel to our home.
Papa asked me if I want to take home coconuts. I just said that I want but how am I going to grate it. He gave me their grater and told me that he will just do another one for them.

Yesterday, I got a chance to use the grater because we will be having ginataang gulay for lunch. When I started to grate the coconuts, Matt was really amazed and keeps his eyes on what I am doing. Someday, I will also teach him how to use this traditional way of grating coconuts.
Grating coconut manually is really tiring, it gives me an opportunity to do a “little” exercise. LOL.
Grated Coconut

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