July 19, 2012

Free Blogger Event: Halloween Giveaway Sign-up

(this is not yet the actual contest)
 This event is brought to you by Pregnancy Forum & Joys Of Life

When to sign?
Blogger Sign Ups - July 16 to September 28 (HTML code will be sent out on September 30)

What to do?
1. Complete the form HERE.
2. You will have to publish this giveaway sign up announcement on your blog (Get it  HERE).
3. Put the $500 Halloween Giveaway button on your blog sidebar to claim your 2 FREE links or pay $5 without the announcement post and button.
4. You will publish the giveaway html code on your blog once the giveaway is ready to be live and promote it atleast 3 time daily.
5. Please don't forget to put CHEMIST DAD as your referrer.

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