July 30, 2012

Family Day Sundays: Nueva Ecija

July 14, 2012

Since Mommy will have to pick-up the cloth diapers to be sold in her “mini” online shoppe, we scheduled it on Saturday night so that we can proceed to our home in Nueva Ecija to spend our weekend.

Early in morning, Papa asked Matt to go outside and make stroll to see the fishes at the lagoon in my Alma Mater (by the way, we are just few minutes away from my school) while Mommy and I got the chance to go market and buy vegetables. We really got fond of buying veggies because it is  really cheaper compared here in Bulacan. Given a chance to have a bigger vehicle and fridge, we will buy stocks for month consumption. LOL

Here are some of the veggies we bought together with their price comparison:
Nueva Ecija
Price (PhP/kilo)
Patola (Loofa)
10 per piece
String beans
7 per bundle (as much as 2 bundles compared to Bulacan Market)
10 per bundle
30 per piece
70 per piece

Aside from veggies, I decided to have tinapa (smoked fish) since it was really a long time I haven’t had this.

At the market, we are luckily to see one of our high school friends selling his old stuffed toys. We asked how much “Pluto” is, but he just gave it to us for Matt. We are very thankful because Matt will be very happy to have it.
Matt with Pluto. Thanks Tito John Paul

When we got home, we went to my in-laws’ house for visit. We also went to Lupao to fetch Mommy’s sister and her daughter to visit their house too. On our way I was happy to see farmers planting palay.
Matt and Mommy with my in-laws

Farmers at work
Before lunch we decided to go back home, have lunch and prepare for our travel back in Bulacan. Aside from the veggies, the car’s compartment was really filled with stuffs given by Mama and Papa, including the coconuts and grater (POSTED HERE). I even got a chance to get grafted calamansi from my uncle which starts to bear flowers right now (I’ll make a separate post on that).

We took a short stop over at Mini-Stop San Rafael to take the restroom. Matt requested to have strawberry yogurt flavored sundae, which really tastes good.

We reached our home at around 6:30 pm. It was a really tiring (I drove almost the whole day) but fulfilling. It was really fun to have Family Day on Sunday, not only with the three of us but with Papa and Mama and my in-laws. 

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