July 16, 2012

Doctor Dad and Mom

For our kids health, we regularly bring them to their pedia for regular monitoring. However, as parents we should act as their own doctors too. Checking them regularly is a must. But how often? Here are some guidelines on checking and your kids.

HEAD Done once a month. 
This is to check if they are infected with head lice. You must also check for the common symptoms like itching around the ears, neck or top part of the head.

TEETH – Done once a week.
Visiting their dentist twice a year is not enough. Checking signs of swollen gums and teeth discoloration must be performed by the parents. Remember: Kids’ teeth should be pearly white.

BODY – Once a day (especially when your kid is always in the playground).
Your kids might get ticks living in our backyard and might caught Lyme disease. Removing the carrier can be the best prevention from the bacterial infection carried by ticks. Better check their whole body thoroughly from head to toes.

FEETEvery three weeks.
Toddler’s feet grew faster, checking if their shoes still fits them must be done regularly. Studies showed that aside from squeezing their little toes, small shoes can also a cause of ingrown toenails, calluses and blisters. Furthermore, stunted toe growth leading to deformities might be a result of wearing small shoes. For best fitting, assure that there are enough space between the longest toe and the top of the shoes, about the width of the thumb.

I hope this little bit of information may help.

Source: MH Dad

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