February 21, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

I love making surprises to Mommy on special occasions like our anniversaries and her birthdays. Recently, I made a surprise last V-day by secretly placing chocolates on her bag and tagged her in the photo I uploaded in FB. I am thinking of what other surprises that I can make. One is by cleaning the house and preparing breakfast in bed which is best done on the weekends while she was still relaxing on her sleep.
Using vacuum cleaning for faster cleaning our room will make her disturbed and eventually caught me. Also, preparing breakfast secretcly using the noisy blender for fresh juices will get her up from deep sleep.

Good thing that there are products like UltraSilencer Green Vaccum Cleaner and Powermix Silencer Blender that create minimal noise levels. (Visit and follow Electrolux Philippines Official Website and Electrolux Philippines Twitter for updates on their innovative products)

Seeing our room totally clean with prepared breakfast in bed will be a great surprise to start the weekend.  

(My entry to Nuffnang's Electrolux Hush Bloggers Contest)