February 18, 2013

Movie Sharing: Upside Down

Starred by Jim Sturgess as Adam and Kristen Dunst as Eden, this is a story of two individuals who lived in a different planet lying next to each other. These planets have opposite gravity and have three (3) major rules: (1) all matter is pulled by the gravity of the world it came from, (2) an object’s weight can be offset by another matter from the other world, and (3) after a specified period of time, matter in contact with inverse matter will be burned.
Adam lives from the planet Down below and used to climb to trees to get pollen from pink bees where her aunt used this in making flying pancakes. There he met Eden and they became friends until they reached teenage years. They secretly met on the mountain where down and up are very close to each other. Until one day, they are caught and when Eden is on her way back thru the rope, Adam got shot and Eden hit her head. Adam thought that she already died until one day, he saw her in a TV Show and found that she works in Transworld – the only link between the two worlds. Adam used his cosmetic project “facelift” using the recipe he got from his aunt to work in Transworld and have the opportunity to meet Eden again. However, it is still forbidden for the people Below to go Up.

Bob, from Up, helped Adam to meet Eden using Bob’s identity. He uses counterweight to let him stepped on the Up world. During their meet-up, he asked Eden if she can still recognize him as Adam. Only to find out that Eden suffered amnesia after the accident. Eden only found that Adam is just using Bob’s identity during his presentation of the face-lift and she remembered everything.

When Bob was forced to retire, he leaves his Transworld’s ID to Adam so he can go Up. He went to Bob’s house to reveal the secret ingredient of the facelift.

One day, Adam and Eden went on the mountain where they used to meet. Unfortunately, the cops found them again and arrested Eden. Transworld told Adam that they are going to drop the charges against Eden in exchange of the formula (Transworld became interested in the said product) and he will never contact Eden again.

Adam lives in his normal life Down. He was surprised when Bob visited him down below without any weights. He used Adam’s way to counteract the effect of gravity. Bob got the patent of the cream before Transworld got it. He brought good news to Adam that he will have a date. He immediately rushed to the meeting place. He was surprised that Eden was also able to walk without any weights. Eden revealed that they are going to have twin which is the reason for keeping her down.

For me, whatever world you came from, rich or poor, when love struck two hearts, no barriers can stop to love each other.

This movie makes you a bit dizzy leaving you which is up and down. LOL.