February 19, 2013

Sugar less with Stevia

After searching for months, I already got my first stevia plant. Stevia is known to be a source of natural sweeteners because of the rebaudioside A.  There are also other benefits that we can get from stevia. Some claimed that it can help reduce blood pressure and lower blood sugar level because of its stevioside content. Other use this as treatment for heartburn, lowering uric acid level, boost strength of muscle contraction that is needed in pumping blood from the heart, aids in water retention while some said that this helps in preventing pregnancy.

However, there are some experiencing bloating,nausea, dizziness, muscle pain, and numbness after taking stevia (I assume they took this in heavy dosage). Furthermore, it might also cause allergic reaction to try this one as alternative to sugar, you must take this in moderation to avoid any side effects. Just remember, excess in anything will be dangerous to our health.