February 1, 2013

Time to Sleep

Mickey and Orange Book
I was just amazed why there are things we cannot forget before we sleep. I used to have mosquito net on my feet not until I got married. The mosquito net is still kept in our closet.

Matt on the other hand cannot sleep withoout having his favorite stuff toy. Like I mentioned before he is a Mickey Mouse Fanatic. Another is my orange book. He really loves books and this one is I think one of his favorites. You can see it was almost torn already but he insists to hold and have it beside his sleep.
One night, he searched for the book which I left in the sofa.

Matt: Kunin. Book na orange. (Get the orange book).
Me: Nasa baba, ginagawa ni Tita. Nasira kasi. (It was downstairs, damaged and Tita is fixing it.)
Matt: Sira book? Gawa Tita? (Books damaged? Tita fixing it?)
Me: Oo. Sinu nagsira ng book? (Yes, who damaged the book?)
Matt: Si Mamatt!
Me: Sige, Sleep na. Bukas na lang natin kunin ung book na orange. (Alright, go to sleep. Tomorrow we will get the orange book)
Matt: Bukas na kunin book orange. Gawa pa Tita. Goonight. (Tomorrow we will get the orange book. Good night).

Good thing he agreed not to have the book beside him before he sleeps.
Here he is during his daytime nap (Source)
How about you, can you share the things you must have before sleeping?