February 22, 2013

Join the Running Revolution with Adidas Energy Boost

One night, I was on my way to our granny’s home where I stayed the first semester of my college life. Their home was a bit far from the main road and no tricycle available at the terminal that time. I decided to walk about 3 kilometers.

Fear struck me when I started to pass the woody and very dark path. I heard lots of scary things  in this place like white lady, a crying baby, a headless man and a dog that suddenly turned into a giant horse. I started to feel goose bumps and keep on thinking those scary things. Instead of walking I started to run fast as I can, feeling something or someone is chasing me.
Instead of thinking other things, I keep on thinking scary things that I might encounter on my way including coffin that will suddenly cross my way, a white lady floating and waiting in a tree of camachile, a tianak and many more. Before I reach granny’s house, I stopped and catch my breath first before walking inside the house normally. They will definitely laugh at me when they saw me running because of those things. LOL. Crazy right?

On such situation, it is good to wear perfect pair shoes. Adidas has the answer to this one. They created the latest innovation – Adidas Energy Boost™ helping you boost your run in different ways. Cushioning. Condition. Comfort.

How about you, what are the craziest thing you’ve done to boost your run?

(My entry to Nuffnang's "Adidas Energy Boost" Blog Contest)