February 27, 2013

Kitchen tips: Prevent Your Herbs from Caking

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Is caking a problem with your herbs and spices stocks? Caking usually happen when there is an excess moisture uither from the herbs itself or from the environment. You may try the following remedies to resolve your problem:
Use an air tight glass container – Remember air contains moisture too.
Add few amounts of uncooked rice grains – this will serve as adsorbent where moisture will adhere. Just like those silica gel found in bottles of tablets.
Use dry spoons or scoop in getting herbs from the container Even small amount of moisture will cause the herbs cake.
Dry your herbs thoroughly – If you are making your own dried herbs and choose opt to grind it, let it stand for about an hour after grinding. Heat may be generated during the process. This should be liberated first to prevent condensation of moisture in the container.