February 2, 2013

Fat Burners

One of my goals this year is to reach the 75kg mark in the scale. Still heavy for others but once I reached this target, I already lost about 16 pounds.

Having foods that burn calories is a great help. Here are some I got.

Ginger  contains acid that triggers stomach enzymes to increase metabolism by up to 20%. It also helps in lowering cholesterol and good for hypertension for its blood-thinning property. (Will this also change my singing voice? LOL)

Cayenne Pepper  helps increase metabolizing dietary fats by up to 20%. It has also appetite-suppressing property. (Caution: Don't eat too much for it will make you really hot!)

Cinnamon enhances your metabolism up to 20% by making your fat cells sensitive to insulin. 9I have no idea if this can also help in stabilizing blood sugar of diabetic individuals.)

Water aids in digestion and increases the rate of metabolism by up to 30%. Furthermore, having cold water will help your body burns energy to warm your body. (Water is one of the best cleansing fluid for our body. Shake your water forty times before drinking to prevent you from running to restroom every now and then.) 

Mustard – Just a teaspoon can increase calorie-burning by 20-25%. (Does anyone knows how to make homemade mustard?)

I hope this will help for those who are in their weight-loss goal like me.

(Photo credited to Men's Health)