February 5, 2013

KFC Mac and Cheese Bites

Last Sunday, we had our lunch at KFC. We tried their Mac and cheese bites. For 79 pesos, you can have it with regular drinks and fries. Though I already seen the commercial of this one few months ago, I was excited to try it.
The package consists of five pieces mac and cheese bites. The size is really bite size (about an inch length and width). You might mistakenly identify this as chicken nuggets. Inside, it consists of macaroni noodles with bits of cheese. In fact you can count the number of macaroni noodles (about 3-4 pieces)

The coating is a bit though and not crispy. Furthermore, I cannot sense the cheesy taste as their commercial claimed.

Next time I go to KFC, I might not include this in my list of choices.

(transferred post from my Kitchen Adventures)