February 4, 2013

Goodbye Coffee for Better?

Rice Coffee
Coffee is one of the best known beveragse in the world. It can be taken hot or cold and can be mixed with other components to make coffee more enjoyable. It was also known to contain anti-oxidants which is good for our health. On the contrary, natural medicine said that coffee must be avoided by those having high uric acids in the body since coffee is a form of beans which are known to have high in uric acid content. It is also known to be diuretic. They are recommending alternatives like the one I used - Rice Coffee. Just roast and grind the rice and you will have your homemade rice coffee.

There are times I still drink coffee. But lately, I noticed few minutes after drinking, I suddenly felt nervous. I just thought it was just “premonition” thing that I might receive bad news. Everytime I drink coffee (instant or 3-in-1), I feel the same. I can feel my heart beats faster.   From then on, I switched to homemade rice coffee but I tried to take ordinary coffee once in a while to observe if I can still feel the same and yes, I did. 

I tried searching about the common side effects of coffee and I found out that coffee might cause uneven heart rhythm which I am experiencing so I will really stick to rice coffee, a bit cheaper than the instant coffee.