February 26, 2013

Weekend Kulitan

Last Saturday, Matt and I went on his daily afternoon walk around the subdivision since his Tita was not around while Mommy was left at home folding clothes. Of course, this gave me another chance of taking some photos for my Captured Moments.

We went to the clubhouse as he requested and continue walking into the swing. Unfortunately, somebody’s using it, so we just sit down for a moment before continues our walk. He keeps on saying “Doon, doon pa.” (There, let's go there) pointing where to go as if he was the one guiding our way. Perhaps this is where they go every day.

Then he said, “Uwi na tayo, punta school” (Let’s go home. Let’s go to school) pertaining to the school near our house. So there we go. I was a bit tired because on our way back home, he stopped walking and wanted to be carried. I sat on the sidewalk and let him play.  When he saw me taking photos of him, he grabbed the cam and wants to take photos too. Like father, like son ika nga.

I was really happy having bonding time with him.

He loves running

I know how my foot looks like when I was at his age. LOL