June 10, 2012

Vanity Kit, Item #2: Masculine Wash

In connection with my previous post, here is my second vanity item, the MASCULINE WASH.

There are many brands sold in the market to take care of women’s private parts. How about men? Are they also entitled to have something that will take care of their private parts? My answer is a big YES! Soap and water are not enough to tell that they are clean down there.

This started one Sunday about a year ago. We were doing our grocery and we came into isle where ladies' intimate needs are located to buy some items for my wife. This guy is giving a trial sample of masculine wash, FRESHMAN. The merchandiser gave me 6 sachets.

I was satisfied with using Freshmen Masculine Wash. Not only with its scent but with other benefits you can get.

Having Tea Tree Oil as an active ingredient, Freshman thoroughly cleans unlike ordinary soaps, and helps eliminates and protects from germs that cause unwanted odor and itchiness. It also helps the immune system in the healing process of minor scrapes and wounds in men’s private area.

For women, a pH of 5.5 is required; Freshman has a balanced pH of 7.0 making it as gentle as pure water. Furthermore, it properly moisturizes the skin and gives a cool and refreshing feeling that lasts all day.

It comes in two variants, Regular and Freeze. I tried both but prefer the Freeze variant. The only difference between the two is that Freeze gives cooler feeling than the Regular.

You can try this by having a 5-ml sachet first which costs only about PhP9.00, when you are satisfied, you can opt for the regular size of 75-ml for about PhP90.00 only.

This could not be missed in my daily shower routine.

Thanks, Elev8 Trading and Marketing Corp ( the company behind this product) for this innovation ‘Cause men need to feel fresh, clean and cool too!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I am just sharing my views about the product.