June 15, 2012

Independence Day

June 12, 2012 Tuesday

I and my wife decided to go to work even on holiday (I haven’t mentioned that we are working in the same company). We spent half day in the office and headed to Divisoria to pick up the items that my wife sold in her “mini” online business, Cloth Diapers and other baby stuffs.

We went directly to Divisoria mall to buy some items needed for the birthday celebration of my son this coming Saturday. After we bought the needed items, we had our late lunch (around 4pm) at McDonalds with spaghetti, sundae and regular burger.  We almost forgot our promise to our son; a new basketball ring in replace to old one. We immediately go to Anding’s toy Shop at Tutuban Mall to look for it. There are lot of toys here at very affordable price. We are lucky to have the last piece of the said toy.

When my son saw it, he wants to install immediately so he can play on it. I was so glad looking at him happily playing his new set of basketball toy.

I just wonder, would he be a basketball player in the future?

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