June 23, 2012

Family Day Sundays: Father's Day

This post is already late but I still want to share it.

June 17, 2012, Sunday

We spent our day as ordinary Sunday by going to church first. While waiting for mommy, tita, mama and papa, Matt keep on chasing for the butterfly he saw flying.

Matt chasing the tiny butterfly
After going to church, we headed to SM Marilao to meet-up two of mommy’s customers. After the meet-up, we went to the carousel where Matt keeps on saying to me “sakay, horse” (ride, horse) . While at the carousel, mama, tita and papa went to the department store to buy something. We followed them after the ride but we can’t find them. I bought sundae for matt which he really loves. He keeps on saying “amig, sharap” meaning “lamig, sarap” (cold, delicious).

"Amig... Sharap..."
We then proceed to our Tita’s house at Guiguinto and leave mama and papa there because they are going home in Nueva Ecija late in the afternoon. We bring some foods from Matt’s birthday and have it as our lunch.

After having lunch and some chats, we returned home and took some rest.

That’s how we spent Father’s Day. No celebration, no special food but I am happy of being a father for two years now.

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