June 30, 2012

Five Things I Want To Do Before I Get Old

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There are things I want to do before getting old, but here are the best five:

1. To study culinary arts to enhance my knowledge and passion for cooking is one of those. This will be my foundation in the next thing that I want to do, put up a restaurant.

2. Having this business will help me assure that I have already something to be used in providing my family once I got retired. I will put this in a possible purchased lot which is the third thing I want to do.

3. Having purchased a lot of about a hectare where I can put a restaurant or mini farm of my own can be a great achievement.

4. Furthermore, I want to have a family that will serve as a good role model to others. Having another baby will be great.

5. Lastly, I want to travel outside the country as family tour. This can be a great reward for myself after all. 

There are other things that I want to d before getting old but what is listed on top were I think what I really looking forward to.

Good day!

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