June 12, 2012

7 Law of Leanness

Most of us asked why there are some individuals who even eats too much does not gain even a single pound. On the other hand, there are some who almost did everything to shed those extra pounds seems to change nothing.

As I read the newsletter sent to me by Men’s Health it says that there seven basic laws of lean individual that prevents them from gaining extra pounds. Taking these simple rules will really shed those extra weights.

Rule #1 – Lean People Don’t Diet.
Preventing calories from getting into our system lowers strength, bone density and muscle mass. Muscle is considered to be the main factor in burning calories, so, by having diet, you can actually increase the tendency of gaining weight. According to some studies, chasing your diet actually increase your stress level raising your cortisol – a hormone that is link to weight gain.

Having 25 grams of fiber daily (equivalent to three servings of fruits and vegetables) can enhance burning of calories up to 30%.

Rule #2 – Lean People Don’t Go Fat-Free
Recent studies showed that those who took “low fat” diet could really increase the tendency of becoming overweight. In fact, fat does not make you fat; hence it is essential in managing some nutrients like fat-soluble vitamins (ADEK). Furthermore, “fat-free” foods are packed with sugars making you consume more calories leading you to consume unhealthy sweets. Fat, in deed helps you full and satisfied while fat-free foods will keep you returning back to fridge craving for more.

Rule #3 – Lean People Sit Down to Eat
Eating can actually make you leaner. Sacrificing can actually increase your tendency to get fat.
Studies showed that eating in a table having a full plate already can eat 35% less compared to the traditional “pass-on-the-serving-dish” style. Also, eating slowly can actually increase the level of two hormones that make you feel full.

Rule #4 – Lean People Know What They are Going to Eat Next
Knowing what to eat next can actually make your weight-loss program more successful compared to those who doesn’t know what to eat in case they feel hungry, according to Dutch researchers.

Rule #5 – Lean People Eat Protein
People who eats more protein are expected to lose weight that those who did not eat much protein. Having food rich in protein and low in processed starch (example, white bread) can be the effective tool for weight loss. How? Protein will work in two stages: (1) it will consume you more calories in digesting it, (2) you will stay full longer because your body will work harder to digest the protein.

Rule #6 – Lean People Move Around
Having NEATs (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) does not help you burn some calories but actually gives you some fun. Such simple activities like short bike ride, relaxed walking, playing with kids and even fishing does not only give you enjoyment but can burn you as much as 200 calories in few minutes.

Rule #7 – Lean People Watch Less TV
Studies showed that watching TV for less than two hours can divert yourself to other activities that can really help you lose weight. Researchers said that people who cuts their TV time into half burned extra calories per day. In addition, recent studies discovered that every hour in front of TV can actually lose 22 minutes of their lives.


  1. great facts about lean people I wish to be a leanest person too

  2. I will keep this post url in my bookmark by that if I sit in my pc beside hubby I can open it ewasily and give hubby a look "that he must do these :))"

  3. maybe im one of those who are blessed of not gaining that much despite of eating a lot... =)

  4. with all those rules .. I think I'll refuse to be lean na ... hahaha.. walang pasok..lol.

  5. thanks for the info. will surely need that. :)


  6. Great pointers! Thanks for the share!

  7. i used to be lean but not anymore. hehe! now, i always wonder why i'm gaining weight.

  8. well, lean people are mostly those who put exercise as part of their lives...

  9. Rules 1 & 2 are surprising but does make sense.