June 18, 2012

Mylot: First Cash Out

I’ve been a member of  Mylot  since 2009 but was inactive in participating discussions. Furthermore, my account was suspended due to inactivity, as stated in their terms and conditions. Late last year, I saw my wife participating discussions again. I tried to retrieve my account and started to join discussions of my interests. I was happy seeing my earnings to continuously increase until last month, I achieved the minimum payout. Last Saturday, I received my earnings thru my paypal account. This is the first time I received payment from online earning sites and still continues to participate during my spare time.

Mylot is an online forum where you can join hundreds of thousands of discussions posted by members. You can also post your own discussions. While making your valuable contributions, you can earn cash at the same time. You will be automatically paid upon reaching the minimum payout.

Aside from forum and earning, you can have your own profile, make new friends and communicate with them, share your blog and read others too, refer your friends to join and earn from them too.

So join and earn at the same time.
Payment proof

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