June 7, 2012

Tita's Birthday

June 06, 2012, Wednesday

It was birthday of Matt's Tita. We used to refer “Tita” for Matt's nanny.

It was almost two months since we have her in replace to Matt's previous nanny who decided to work abroad.

She planned to treat us in Jollibee but because of tight budget, we just cooked something and celebrate her birthday at home.

From our work, we proceed to kitchen to start the preparation. My wife cooks the spaghetti (one of her specialties) while I start wrapping the cheese sticks. I also prepared some garlic bread.

Simple menu for Tita's Birthday
Mommy's Spaghetti

Cheese Sticks with Catsup-Mayo Dip
Overflowing Gralic Bread
With this simple menu, I know Tita was happy in celebrating her birthday with us. She even told her mother and her sister that we are going to prepare some menu for her birthday.

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