June 2, 2012

A Cool Way to a Cool Summer

Summer is about to end but I think it is not yet late to make this post.
There are many ways to cool down the scorching heat of summer. Beach, pools, cold fruits, iced beverages, ice cream, halo-halo, fruit shakes. Speaking of cold drinks and beverages, Slurpee is one option. It is available in almost every 7-11 Convenience Store.

Slurpee is a flavored soft ice like a combination of fruit shake and crushed ice. It comes in various flavors; however, only two flavors in every outlet are available and changes after a specified period of time. I love the Blue Lightning Blast, Mountain Blue Shock, and Green Apple flavors. The sweetness is just right that you will really opt for another one. It is really one of the best ways to fight the heat this summer at a very affordable price (PhP28/22oz). Even my 2-year old son loves this.

Having Slurpee is really cool way to a cool summer. But take it with very much caution because of its side effect… BRAIN-FREEZE!

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