June 21, 2012

Things That Make You Happy

Aside from blog hop, another activity has been conducted by the BC Blogger, the Meme, where we have to share our views on a particular topic or title. You can also join the BC Blogger community and participate on our weekly activity. For this week, we are assigned to make a post entitled “Things That Make You Happy”. So here’s mine:

When we define the word happy it means delighted, pleased or glad on a particular thing. Thing? I guess it does not mean the “material thing” because happiness can also achieve from non-material stuffs. I know each of us have different ways and reasons to be happy. I am glad to share mine.

My family  - Mother, father, sister, cousins, nieces and nephews, in-laws, etc.
My friends or colleagues –  my second family.
Kitchen – This is where I have all my cooking adventures. I really love cooking.
Plants – another hobby of mine is gardening
Computer with internet, of course – with my blog, social networking sites I joined up to different forums I participated.
Cellphone - communication is very important
Work – I am happy to perform tasks in my work and finished them.
Salary – of course
Motorcycle – named "Jabee"
Our house, our home – we have to call it our own by the next 5 years.
Certificates  - College Diploma and PRC License 
My DIY crafts –  Recycled or not
Mornings – I was blessed to have another day to face life.

And of course last but definitely not the least:

My own family – Mommy and Matthew which really make my life complete. I am really happy to have my own family. I may not be the best husband and father to them but I know they are also happy to have me in their life.

There are others that are not mentioned in the list because a single entry is not enough.

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