June 24, 2012

Vanity Kit, Item #3: Shampoo

This is the third item in my “vanity kit”. Shampoo.

Taking care of hair and scalp is one important part of men’s grooming.  For women, hair is their crowning glory but for men, well-groomed hair can be a plus factor.  Using shampoo compatible with your hair and scalp is a must.

I tried a lot of shampoo brands; all of them are compatible with my hair. However, one problem that really worries me is dandruff. Yes, I had to admit, these white flakes resides in my hair.

Because men’s scalp is different from women’s, Uniliver created shampoo specifically for men. Clear Anti-dandruff Shampoo. It is created with Pronutrium 10 Technology, an essential blend of 10 pro-vitamins and minerals, Clear nourishes scalp up to three layers deep and helps boost scalp defense against dandruff, grease and itch. It comes in four (4) different variants: Anti-hair Fall, Cooling Itch Control, Cool Menthol Sport, and Deep Cleanse.

Anti-Hair Fall has pro-strength ginseng technology reinforcing weakened hair and preventing it  from breakage associated with dandruff making you 98% less hair fall.

Cooling Itch Control has the cooling hydration technology making your scalp free from dryness and itching.

Cool Menthol Sport is infused with active menthol for extreme coolness making it as the ultimate anti-dandruff refreshment.

Deep Cleanse was engineered with activate carbon which acts like a magnet removing residues, grease, germs and dirt trapped on the scalp for zero dandruff.

Clear in sachet
I already tried these four variants and what really match and satisfy my needs in giving ultimate hair and scalp care were the Cool Menthol Sport and Deep Cleanse.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I am just sharing my views about the product.

NOTE: Wonder why I purchase my shampoo in sachet? It is cheaper compared to bottled ones.

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