June 6, 2012

Vanity Kit, Item #1: Deodorant

Before, vanity has been linked only to women, but now even men needs to be vain in their daily life. There are products out in the market that really helps men to be vain in their own way. Shampoo, lotion, facial wash, shower gel, deodorant and even masculine wash made especially for men are already available.

For a man like me who sweats a lot, taking care of underarm to avoid body odor is important. I’ve already tried most of the deodorant available in the market, from the sticks to creams, even those being sold by direct sales (not to mention the brand). Some of them works but resulted into dark underarms. I tried searching for deo that will work not only in preventing body odor but will helps to lighten my underarms. I came across this Nivea Deo Whitening for men.
Nivea Deo Whitening is a “Quick Dry Formula”. You can apply it and ready to go without worrying of the stain it leave on your clothes. It is an anti-perspirant and has body odor protection for 48 hours giving you a long-lasting dry feeling.  It has also a very masculine scent that lasts. It really help whitens your underarms for an even skin tone (Sorry I will not show my underarms, LOL). This has been also dermatologically tested.

I’ve been using this Vanity Item for more than two years now and I am really satisfied with the results.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I am just sharing my views about the product.

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