January 15, 2013

Blast Vac 2, A Wish Granted

At last, I got the vacuum cleaner I wanted the Blast Vac 2.  This is one of the things listed in my wishlist last year.
It is a portable vacuum cleaner with 800w power. This is ideal for small and large job not only at home but for garage and, of course the main reason why I want to have this one, CLEANING THE CAR. This is not only a vacuum cleaner but a blower too. It can be used in inflating airbeds and other job that requires blower.
The complete package
This comes with different attachments suitable for different cleaning job like carpets and upholstery, ceilings, window screens and even small items like computer keyboards and speakers wherein an ordinary brush can’t do.

The package also includes washable filter that can last for a year or more depending on your usage Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the replacement in case of damaged filter. You can buy replacement filter in all Ace Hardware Stalls for 199 only. Reasonable price right?

Just take note that this is not a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. It heats up after long hours of use.

This is available at all SM Department Stores and Ace Hardware for only 2779 complete with 2 months unit-replacement, 1 year for parts and services, and lifetime service warranty. Just keep a copy of the receipt.

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