January 24, 2013

Carrot Juice for Acid reflux

Jigger of carrot juice with celery 
(not the one we gave to Matt)
Last Friday, in the middle of the night, Matt suddenly started to vomit This continue until morning though it only occur when he took either liquid or solid foods. The following morning we took him to his pedia because he will have his meningococcal vaccine.

We told his pedia about the situation and found out that he has slight colds making his throat itch which causes him to vomit.

The scenario continued the next day but the frequency reduces. Another thing we observed is that whenever he took food, after a few minutes he blows it out with a very sour smell (having their meals). We concluded that his stomach is really acidic causing his frequent vomiting.

I remember a cooking tip: to lessen the sour taste of a spaghetti sauce, just add medium-sized carrot to absorb the neutralize the taste. So I made carrot juice and let Matt drinks it before bedtime. After a few minutes, he started to fart with foul odor. This is a sign that he is starting to release the toxins in his body (the one I heard from Natural Medicine). 

The following day, we tried to feed him and observed if he will continue to vomit. Thanks God, he didn’t. He even eats twice as much of his regular meal. Perhaps the carrot juice already neutralize his stomach acids.
For other details of the story, HERE.
Carrot juice with celery cooler
(we decided to take once in a while to
detoxify our body)

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