January 10, 2013

Little Angel's Heart Needs Help

When we knew that we are having Matt in our life, we are really excited when he will go out and meet the outside world. As first time father, I was really excited to meet him every month during check-ups. Seeing him thru ultrasound makes me happy and excited. One thing that we wished is for him to be normal and healthy. When I read Mye's post about Alphonse's condition, my heart was really touched and without a second thought, I repost her story hoping that in this way, I can help.

Here’s the story:

"Early morning, I got a visit from my anesthesiologist, my OB-Gyne and the Pediatrician. They went straight to inform me about the bad news. My baby has a hole in his heart chambers and that it needs to be checked by a Pedia Cardiologist. It was such a devastating news. What did my baby do to deserve such an illness? He is so tiny and fragile and he had just arrived in our lives. I kept on crying and I can’t bring myself to stop. It is so heartbreaking.
The next doctor who came into my room was the Pedia Cardiologist and he confirmed the illness of my son. He has Tetralogy of Fallot. He further explained that there is a hole between his bottom heart chambers causing him to lack enough oxygen supply to his lungs. It was the reason why he wasn’t crying. It was as if my son understands that the further he cries, the more stressful it will be for his heart.
The doctor was very kind and told us that even though it happened to him at this stage, this illness is curable by surgery. Yes, my little boy will have to undergo an open heart surgery to survive this illness. He needs to have it at 6 weeks old, the earliest but no more than 3 months or he will not make it. He told us how much the surgery will cost and what do we need to prepare. We will need roughly $12,500 for the surgery alone. It was another shocking news but deep in our hearts, we knew there is hope. We are not wealthy and we need to get that amount in a month so we can schedule our baby’s surgery and free him from this very stressful and scary condition."
We can help Mye raise fund in many ways.
1. She has a digital scrapbook store. You can purchase her products at Pixels & Company.
2. Mye is also a blog designer. You may check My Creative Zone for all the graphic services she offered and place your orders HERE.
3. You can send your donations directly thru her paypal account (admin@myedeleon.com).
4. You may purchase a link and posted in a PR2 blog. For more information you may check it HERE.
5. Last but I think the most important is to include them in our prayers.

Let us all help save little angel's heart.

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