January 9, 2013

How to Boost Kid's Self-Confidence

Kids need self-confidence to success in many aspects. Self-confidence can be gained from falling down and getting back on the track again, expecting mistakes and making necessary corrections, solving problems by their own rather than expecting someone to fix it. But how are we going to boost their self-confidence? Here are some tips.
Allow them to make mistakes – Allowing them to make mistake will let them learn something new. Don't yell at them, instead; ask them what they learned and congratulate them for gaining new things from their experience.

Let them see their own mistakes – If you already know that they are doing something that will results to errors, let them continue doing it. However, you need to consider safety first. It is alright for kids to get bruises or bumps for a while. This will let them learn INDEPENDENCE.

Let them struggle to try – Learning can be associated with trying new things. For example, if they want to wear clothes by their own, let them do the task. It is the only way they can learn.

Limit the use of “NO” – This will help them knew what to do next to feel better. For example, you are going to the mall which is usually cold and they don’t want to wear jacket or anything to protect them, let them be. They will realize and feel cold. So next you go to the mall, they will bring jacket or any protection by their own will.
REMEMBER: Kids having self-confidence are kids who learn early on how make their own decisions and solve their own minor problems.


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