January 8, 2013

Stay Connected 24/7

Communication is one of the best tools to stay connected with our love ones.  As a full time employee, I want to stay connected at home and monitor my son’s activity either thru phone or internet.  However, there are times that signals fluctuate and I got hard time to contact home especially during bad weather.  Good thing that with the latest innovation in communication equipment, there are already custom multipin connectors that can withstand severe weather conditions keeping us connected 24/7.  Furthermore, such connectors are being used by aerospace and defense industries.
One of the leading suppliers of communication equipment is Radiall. You can visit their new user-friendly site where you can check their products like antennas, fiber optics, microwave components, multipin connectors, RF cable assemblies, RF coaxial connectors. RF & Microwave switches and many more.

"Radiall’s connectors are compatible with a large variety of contacts:
signal, power, RF, data bus, fiber optic, quadrax and twinax;
and we have a large range of multipin connectors
including rack and panel connectors, modular connectors,
and a range of wire to wire and wire to board
is also available."

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