January 18, 2013

Captured Moments: Flower Power 4

Here is another series of my Flower Power photo collection. I mentioned in Flower Power 3 that I am going to roam around the subdivision to find different species of gumamela in my next collection but I failed, maybe next time.
I took this after the sun sets using macro mode. I was fascinated by this "bouquet-like" flower because of the color and natural flower arrangement.

One of my colleagues told me that this plant is another type of malunggay. According to him, it really tastes like malunggay.

We called this one as "Mickey". Actually this plant bears two flowers, the red one and the yellow one. We called this Mickey because when the fruit of the red flowers turns black and seems to ressemble Mickey Mouse.

Who doesn't know this flower? I took a shot of this one in one of the areas in our workplace during one of my sanitation audits. I made a shot in a different angle not frequently seen by many (one that i learned in photography book)

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