January 29, 2013

Parenting Tips on Imposing Penalties to Kids

All parents encountered misbehaving kids resulting to some penalties. Most of the time enforcing the consequences resulted to failure causing them to continue misbehaving. Here are three basic tips to successfully impose consequences to kids.

Be realistic.
Most of us threaten kids to make them behave. However it should be kept in mind that we need to be realistic in giving threat so it will be feasible to enforce when needed. Giving threats without enforcing it will make them look at you as a good talker rather than a doer. If this happens, you will be in big trouble.

Just to share:
One time we were on a jeepney and a kid keeps on extending his arms out of the window. Suddenly his mom said: "Sige, ilabas mu yang kamay mo kapag naputol yan, papalitan ko ng kamay ng baboy!" (Go ahead, keep your arms extended on the window, when it broke, I will change it with pig's hand).

How unrealistic right? If you were the kids, you may be afraid to loose your arms and change it with a pig's arm. But Mommy told me: "Do pigs have hands?" which makes the situation funny.
Be logical.
Most consequences we gave to our kids were illogical or not related for the misbehavior they did. By doing such, kids won’t learn from it. Instead, they will just feel unfair. For example, don’t give penalties or not allowing them to watch TV or play if they are playing their foods.
Be unemotional.
Due to loss of patience, we tend to be emotional and yell. If you continue doing this, it will give them an impression that you are weak and noisy. Worst, they will carry this behavior and imitate when they grew-up. Remember, parents are used to be kids’ model. Be calm and just let them aware for their misbehavior and you need to enforce the penalties.
I admit that I did not follow the three steps especially the last one but still hoping to follow these basic steps.