January 6, 2013

New Year's Day 'Joyride'

After we attending the New Year's Day Mass at Divine Mercy Shrine, we went back home for our lunch. As mommy's promise to Matt and her nephew, we went to SM Marilao. There, the kids enjoyed their 'joyride'.
The Carousel
(Everytime we went to SM Marilao,
he is looking forward to have this ride.)
Gelai and Her Mom
(They got a Carousel ride too)
The "Mini-Carousel"
(His favorite - the Blue Elephant.
He can have this ride now without any guide)
Ate Ara take the Running Pig
(with a nice smile there)
Gelai and Ate Ara
(Ara: are you having fun Gelai?)
The Red Car
(He doesn't want to ride others so we
waited for long line to take the red car)
The Jetski
(The last "pit stop". Matt refer this as an Airplane)
Ate Ara and Gelai in "Blue Cat"
(Gelai was so lucky. She was given tokens by lady)

Not only the kids enjoyed the ride but Me and Mommy also enjoyed watching them having fun on the rides.

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