January 22, 2013

No More Plastics in Bulacan

On my way to work, I noticed a new sign board regarding the banning of plastics and styrofoam in the whole province of Bulacan. One funny thing, the sign board was placed in front of a styrofoam-manufacturing company. Are they going to close the said factory? I hope not because there are many employees that will be affected.
Going back to the Provincial Ordinance…

The said ordinance was already signed last July 2012 but the implementation will only take effect 15 days after the release of the implementing rules and regulations. The signing of the implementing rules and regulations was done last December 12, 2012 as Provincial Ordinance 2012-09 prohibiting the whole province to buy, sell and use of non-biodegradable plastic bags, Styrofoam and other kinds as packaging materials. Does it mean that we can still see and use plastics bags as long as it is bio-degradable like the one used by some supermarkets?

Violating this ordinance will have a fine of PhP1000 to PhP5000 or 6 months to one year imprisonment depending on the number of offenses. Those who are incapable of paying the fine may render community service via environmental-related services for three months or longer depending on court’s decision.

All business sectors are given 15 day to comply with the said ordinance to prevent from withdrawal of their business permits.

I just hope that there will be a strict implementation of the said ordinance to achieve their primary goal –SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT.


  1. you're right, I hope the government will wrongly implement the ordinance.. good luck...-Singlemom Reviews